Man Addicted To Tramadol Is Healed By Apostle Divine C. Okafor During The Acts Of The Apostle (AOA).

Hallelujah! there is nothing Jesus cannot do. This is an intriguing testimony from Mr Kum Denis.

Shalom! My name is Mr Kum Denis. I just want to testify about the goodness of God in the Life Transformers Ministries through the Man of God Apostle Divine C. Okafor.

I am a business man and i deal with the import and export of goods. Normally, I collect huge sums of money from clients and help them purchase goods for their businesses.

It all started when I ordered for goods for my clients as usual. I waited for the arrival of the goods only to realize that the goods had sunk into the sea. I was devastated. I knew all hope was lost. I had eventually lost everything. I became jobless and was in debt. I was confused on whether to commit suicide. l locked up myself in the house and bought poison but then a friend of mine came along after hearing about what had happened to me.

My friend said he could give something that will make me bold and courageous to to face my clients. He went ahead and purchased a drug called TRAMADOL. Tramadol is a drug called Tramadol hydrchloride. it is in a class of drugs called the opiods. This drug acts on the central nervous system. This drug shuts the receptors of pain. When you take it you don’t feel any pain. The maximum dose for someone who has chronic pains is 300mg. This drug has side effects when taken overdose such as liver failure, cardiac arrest, headaches, fatigue, madness and it can even lead to death.

when I was given this drug, I took three as my first dose. I realized that I became so bold and able to face anybody. I kept taking this drug for about one year eight months and I became so addicted to it. Taking this drug for this period of time, I was supposed to be dead. I left from 3 tablets of Tramadol to 4 tablets which is equivalent to 1000mg daily.

A Certain day, I heard about The Transformers Ministries with Apostle Divine C. Okafor and the ACTS OF THE APOSTLE (AOA). I decided to register for this prayer session with the Apostle. Before I came in the morning for the prayers, I took 6 tablets of Tramadol and told myself that this was my last bus stop. I concluded to myself that if wasn’t healed I was going to finally commit suicide. So I anticipated for God’s intervention.

When I stood for the ACTS OF THE APOSTLE, as soon as the Man Of God came into the auditorium, I was in tears and I fell to the ground by the power of GOD. I felt something leave my body. I rose up the felt so light and I was free totally, free to the glory of God. After that the addiction was completely gone to the glory of God.

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