Moses’ Experience is evident in our lives today

Have you ever lost something you had to Work for over again? There is an adage that says, “you never know the value of what you have until you loss it. Surprisingly it is not just about you. It might shock you to find out that mighty Moses had to work twice to attain success.

When you loose an opportunity, a friend or a relationship, etc. There are two options you have to employ:

  1. Abandon and move on
  2. Go over it a Second Time

The first option is what many are likely to do, but what is your assurance that you will still not loose the second time. Especially in the case of an examination you wrote and did not ,make it the first time. “You finally fail when you give up”. So don’t give up.

The next option is to go over it the Second Time. That is what Moses did. Find out today as you visit our you tube channel at, and share your experiences. Trust me the second Time is the time. God bless you

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