Words spoken can never be erased . Even when you say I am sorry , these are now just additional words . What if i told you that, I barked because i was pushed to the wall, really ??, I flew because they provoked me ? I could not take it anymore so i left, oh ! how sad. These are all the manners of excuse that people tend to feel comfortable explaining. Actually you are right but such weakness will never permit you change from one level to another .Just as tests and exams are needed for promotion, so too is it when God decides to take you to the next level, but this time, God needs you to be humble, to go against the rules of pride, and say nothing when you have the opportunity. Many people talk their way to destruction. Hold your Peace even you have no reason to. It will come in various ways from the people you love and trust the most. There is much more available for he that can refrain his tongue . What if you just spoke against that which was to change your entire life just because it came in an unpleasant package? No matter what level you think you have achieved ,you can still have more ,Feel free to tell me your experiences, there might still be hope .God bless you .

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