Retarded Success

Wondered why you are not moving forward ?? With all the fasting ,evangelism , giving , service etc in the house of God or with all the efforts put in at your place of work ? As a christian , is the achievement you have now all you want to get , ? Of course not ! There is something you are still believing God for , but why can you not boast of it yet . Sickness keeps getting you down , you take two steps forward and three steps backward . Service performed rightfully in the house of God yields spiritual results which is suppose to materialize into the physical .But you keep being judged by the very things you say . There is a Secret , do not give up yet – Micah 7:5, What do you say and do in public and in private ? Paul told the Philippians ” as you have always obeyed not only in my presence but now much more in my absence …”, but we find members who talk negatively of their Pastors , Leaders , Boss , Friends etc just because they think they have got relevant information .Be careful when you draw conclusions . Many a times people do not believe the potency of this because there is no immediate repercussion . Grace causes Success and Grace works for die hard lovers of God.Love does not hide .It proclaims on Mountain tops .It looks Over Varying Errors .It is not a a GAINSAY , God is not mocked , stop opposing yourself and start making progress today. To watch the full video and change the order, Visit

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