I once worked for a syndicate and the boss in question who was also my friend was so impressed with the effort of one of the workers so much that he proposed in his heart that aside from this particular worker’s salary at the end of the month he was going to give him the gift of a brand new car, and a promotion as well .But as time passed this phenomenal worker began to change .He became dissatisfied , proud and began to change. He came to work late often times , will skip days at other times without permission etc . ,So as was planned ,at the end of the month general remunerations were given but then instead of the car gift and promotion which were supposed to be given to this special worker ,the boss simply gave him a ticket to a movie premiere and then promoted someone else .But then what was sad was how the once phenomenal worker scuffled all over the office happily showing everyone his movie ticket ,,it was so sad ,

because i knew what he was supposed to have had ,had he not changed his attitude . You see its the same today with many Christians who have lost their original place in life and are enjoying an average life . But if only they knew what they ought to have had . God can raise a Plan B and you remain God’s former choice.Do not get me wrong . God is still going too love you ,the Holy Spirit is still going to dwell in you , but for God’s assignment? he needs a humble vessel that can be patient and remain unchanging no matter the open or closed doors ,dissatisfaction,pain ,etc .This can apply to your marriage ,job ,or Service in church . What are you giving up on ? Are you letting pride stay in you ? Mark you that now water can not pass through a pipe without first wetting it . Refuse to be a former Choice . Let me know how this blog has blessed and instructed you. Comment ,like and share. Shalom .For more visit

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