Expand your Territory

A territory is a defined zone owned by a person or a people .Every believer has an influence over a particular territory,that is an inheritance ,how much ability is in them to handle . It is this spiritual influence that is responsible for all the differences in the level of success among-st people . People often relate this to stars or destiny and think that all they have is all they can have and all they face is just natural but life is Spiritual . For you to expand ,change level get to a new stage , progress ,things need to be handled in the spirit first . This may sound cliché but lets us ride on . There are spiritual authorities in charge of every area of land or affluence .There are scriptures that prove Angels measuring territories , and others that prove principalities like the prince of Persia who blocked Daniel’s prayers from reaching him . There are people that get into new businesses and get into trouble even though they were qualified for the job. Others travel into new countries , overseas and immediately get framed up and locked up . Then we find their loved ones crying and going everywhere for help . There’s a spiritual way to expand your coast before taking the next step in life .Every thing that must happen in the physical and succeed must have first happened spiritually and triumphed . This is the life we are being called into .Find out how to expand your territory from this short except of Apostle Divine C. Okafor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCF1zZ5sNLI

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