The Disguised Angel

Many believers spend time looking for the devil but cannot find him , because ,the devil is not “a devil” .Take note that you cannot be vigilant to fight or find something that you do not know. Remember that the bible reveals that he the devil fell as lightening thus ,it is this short visibility of light that makes it confusing. For the devil to get close to you enough to get you , he comes disguised as that bosom friend , that new business project ,that beloved wife etc .For the disguised angel to be effective he must have enough information on you to tell you “true ” that is not the the “truth “.

Humble yourself and Confirm

But then how can you detect the disguised Angel . Take note any machine that detects counterfeit must first work properly . Jesus said the problem is not the sea and the breeze the problem is You . Who advises you and you take the counsel ? Spend time to study ,and be in the presence of God . You might think you are too busy until the devil attacks and gets you . Hey! the devil is not out to attack your health or your job . He is after your soul,your life.visit this link to understand better

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