The Angelic Realm

There are many videos of angels that have been caught on Camera doing some activities evil and good . There’s a lot of people believing in guardian angels , angels going on errands for them , saving them and much . However there’s not been enough information on this subject . But note should be taken that before you go about commanding the angels to work, you first of all should know Who an Angel is. Where they come from, How many they are in total,What their nature is . How they communicate ,by what language ,Do they feed ,are they emotional . It is really important to find out because Angels are not permitted to carry out every believers command contrary to what is happening today . There is an order of activity which is the Believer – God and then the Angel . It is triangular route of power and authority for right results . All these are things and more find out as you visit our channel for the complete short excerpt on the Angelic Realm

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