” So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons ,and the diseases departed from them , and the evil spirits went out of them .” Acts 19:12

The bible talks about handkerchiefs and aprons which were taken from Apostle Paul and placed on people who were sick and diseased in their bodies and miracles took place . The handkerchiefs contain the power of God and the moment they made contact with the need ,the power was activated .The handkerchiefs and aprons were inanimate ;they had no intelligence,but they transmitted the power f God .Being born again and having received the holy spirit there is an anointing on your life .You’re not an ordinary being .You are a God carrier ,the dispenser of his grace, power and glory.God seeks to manifest his glory and power and establish his righteousness in the earth through you . His anointing is in you ,stir up that anointing always as in Ephesians 5:18-19, Acts 10:44, and Acts 10:44…


Dear Father,I thank you for the anointing of your spirit in my life ,i’m a carrier of your grace ,power,and glory .I am your extension today and through me,you carry out your divine purpose in this world ,to touch ,bless ,heal,uplift,strengthen,and inspire others in Jesus’name .Amen

Further Reading

Acts 10:44-45,2 Cor 4-7,Col 1 :25-27

A loaded car has no need for more luggage


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