” Make no friendship with an angry man;and with a furious man thou shalt not : Lest thou learn his ways,and get a snare to thy soul”
Proverbs 22:254-25

As a child of God ,not only is the word of God your life,the word also gives you a way of life . We are cultivated by the word. Our character is molded by the word . With the word of God you can rid your heart off anger.There are those who cannot control their temper. It does not matter how long they have prayed about it .They are still very full of rage ;little things infuriate them and make them exhibit such anger that is unbecoming to a christian .Try not to raise your voice when correcting the people under you .Address them in love ,no matter how the situation may get you angry. When you speak angrily to people ,you are making yourself unhappy not them . When others offend you , be quick to let go .Keep bitterness,wrath and hatred away from you and walk in love . Meditate on the word ,confess the word over your temperament and become kind ,full of love and patient and have self control.


Dear father,i thank you for the power of your word and it’s ability to transform me from glory to glory .My heart is full of love and i give myself away wholly to your word,to walk in your righteousness always in Jesus Name Amen .

Further Reading

Prov 14:29,Prov 29:11,James 1:19-21

Until you abhor anger,you will not anchor laughter

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